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Request for Public Records

  1. Notice
    Section 30-2-50 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, prohibits the gathering of records from any public body or using public records for commercial solicitation directed to any person in South Carolina.

    Information furnished to Charleston Water System on this form may be disclosed to Charleston Water System Officials, Associates, and General Counsel and their staff, and other interested parties involved in the processing of your request.
  2. Please provide full and complete information about the records you wish to receive/review.
  3. How would you like to receive these records?*
  4. Fees
    Charleston Water System is permitted to charge reasonable fees in order to recover the direct costs of search, review, and duplication of requested records.

    If the total cost of supplying the requested information is less than $25, the fees may be waived; however, if multiple requests are received, fees may be aggregated.

    If the costs exceed $25, we will notify you of the amount before fulfilling the request, unless you grant permission below.

    You may also set a maximum fee amount, and if charges will exceed that amount, we will contact you to discuss ways to limit the search or to get approval for the full costs.

    You will be billed after the requested records are sent, and you will have 30 days to remit payment. If the costs exceed $250, advance payment may be required.
  5. Please indicate how you would like to be notified about fees, if applicable
  6. Fee Waivers/Reductions
    In cases where the request is in the public interest, we may waive or reduce fees. To be considered for a fee waiver or reduction, please provide the information below.
  7. Fee waiver/reduction request
    Providing the requested information to me is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of Charleston Water System and is not primarily in my commercial interest.
  8. Type of business/organization
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