New Development

The New Development department serves as the primary point of contact for developers, engineers and contractors interested in obtaining water and/or wastewater service for commercial and residential development, or redevelopment within the boundaries of Charleston Water System’s service area. Responsibilities include service availability determination, hydrostatic flow testing, fee calculations, technical plan review, permitting, and project closeout.

To assist developers, engineers and contractors with the requirements for extending water and wastewater service for new development, a set of quality standards was developed. These standards have been adopted by the Board of Commissioners and incorporated into a single document titled Minimum Standards for the Design & Construction of Water and Wastewater Systems. (a.k.a. Minimum Standards). The Minimum Standards are maintained on our website and shall be utilized in the design and construction of all water and wastewater systems within the boundaries of Charleston Water System’s service area. 

*Review the most recent Summary of Revisions to the Minimum Standards, effective July 9, 2018.



A detailed description of the requirements for obtaining water and/or wastewater service is provided in Section 3 of the Minimum Standards. The resources below are provided to assist developers, engineers and contractors with meeting these requirements.

Service Availability
Water and Wastewater Service Area (Interactive Map)
Service Availability Letter Request
Hydrostatic Flow Test Request
Water/Wastewater Map Request

Preliminary Fee Determination
Preliminary Fee Determination Worksheet for New Development
Asset Inventory Worksheet
Tap, Impact & Change-in-Use Fees

Construction Activity
Approved Contractors for Large Projects
Approved Contractors for Small Projects
Water Standard Construction Details
Wastewater Standard Construction Details
DHEC Construction Permit Application for Water/Wastewater Facilities

Legal (Fillable PDFs)
Bill of Sale (Water)
Bill of Sale (Wastewater)
Affidavit of Title (Water)
Affidavit of Title (Wastewater)
Affidavit for Transfer of Real Property
Title to Real Estate
Affidavit for Exempt Transfer
Maintenance Agreement (Water)
Maintenance Agreement (Wastewater)

Financial Documents
Sample – Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit

Easement Agreement
Standard Right-of-Way and Utility Easement Agreement

Closeout Checklist (Water)
Closeout Checklist (Wastewater)
Record Drawing Checklist (Water)
Record Drawing Checklist (Wastewater Gravity Sewer Only)
Record Drawing Checklist (Wastewater Gravity Sewer w/FM & PS)
Valve Card Checklist (Water)
Valve Card Checklist (Wastewater)
Easement Plat Checklist

Development Policies
SC DHEC State Primary Drinking Water Regulation: R.61-58
SC DHEC Standards for Wastewater Facility Construction: R.61-67

Email/Text Updates (changes to standards and policies.)
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