How to Calculate Your Water Bill

Your water bill includes these charges:

     Minimum Bill  +  Volume Charge   =  Total Water Bill

All customers pay the minimum bill, which includes up to 2 Ccf (1,496 gallons) of water. If you use more than 2 Ccf, you pay an additional volume charge. To determine your minimum bill and volume charge, you need to know three things:

  1. Water used 
    This is on your bill in a unit called Ccf, which stands for Centum (hundred) cubic feet. One Ccf equals 748 gallons. To convert Ccf to gallons, multiply by 748.  Ex.  6 Ccf  x  748  =  4,488 gallons

  2. Water connection size
    Find it on your bill. Most residential customers have a 3/4 inch connection.

  3. Whether you live inside or outside the city of Charleston
    This affects your minimum bill and volume charge.

Calculate your water bill:

  1. Determine your minimum bill
    Most residential customers have a 3/4 inch connection. If you used between 0 and 2 Ccf of water, you only pay the minimum bill amount. If you used more than 2 Ccf, continue to #2 below.

    Rates effective 1/1/2023
     Connection SizeMinimum Bill
    Inside City

    Minimum Bill
    Outside City

     3/4 inch $13.95 $22.50
     1 inch $17.10 $26.20
     1 1/2 inches $35.00 $45.80
     2 inches $47.70 $59.50
     3 inches $103.00 $120.00
     4 inches $165.50 $188.50
     6 inches $289.50 $329.00
     8 inches $478.50 $532.50
     10 inches $635.00 $704.50
     12 inches $729.50 $807.50

    • Determine how much water you used above the 2 Ccf minimum bill amount
      f you used 6 Ccf, the first 2 Ccf are included in the minimum bill. That means you'll pay a volume charge for the other 4 Ccf.

       6 Ccf (total usage) - 2 Ccf (included in minimum bill) = 4 Ccf

    • Calculate the volume charge
      Find the appropriate unit rate (inside or outside City) and multiply by the amount of water you calculated in step 2.

       Water Use  Inside City of Charleston
      Outside City
      Over 2 Ccf $2.23 per Ccf $4.20 per Ccf
      Rates effective 1/1/2023

      Continuing the example from above, if the customer lives inside city of Charleston, calculate volume charge like this:
      2023 Rates                        4 Ccf  x  $2.23  =  $8.92 (volume charge)

    • Add the volume charge to the minimum bill

      This will give you your total water bill. Here's what it would look like for a residential customer who lives in the city of Charleston and used 6 Ccf (4,488 gallons) of water:

      $13.95 (minimum bill)  +  $8.92 (volume charge)  =  $22.87 (total water bill)