Water Quality

We provide clean, safe, award-winning drinking water that meets or exceeds all state and federal regulatory requirements. It is continually tested during the treatment process and throughout our water distribution system to ensure quality and safety.

Our lab performs thousands of water analyses per month. A summary of each year's water quality testing is provided in our annual water quality report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This report is published each May and posted on this page.

Partnership For Safe WaterPartnership for Safe Water logo

We joined the Partnership in 1995, received the Directors Award in 2004, the Five Year Directors Award in 2008, and the 10 Year Directors Award in 2013.

The Partnership is a voluntary program for water utilities that commit to treating water beyond what's required by regulations. Sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the American Water Works Association, and other water organizations, the program focuses on helping surface water treatment plants optimize operations—specifically filtration. 

More than 200 utilities nationwide participate in the program, which has four phases of achievement: collection of turbidity data (a measure of the cloudiness of water), a self-assessment evaluation, and a peer review.

Request A Water Quality Test

If you have a water quality concern or would like to request a water quality test, please call our Customer Service department at 843-727-6800 or send us an email.

Lead Testing

We reduce the corrosiveness of our water during the treatment process, which prevents lead from old plumbing from leaching into your water. However, if your home has old plumbing and/or solder, and you would like to test your water for lead, we offer testing free of charge. Just pick up a testing kit at our downtown or north area office locations. Learn more about lead and drinking water.