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Water/Sewer Map Request

  1. Please complete the form below to request a map of the water distribution system and/or wastewater collection system near a property. Requests are typically fulfilled within two working days. Maps are provided via email in PDF format unless a hard copy is requested.

    Requests for GIS shapefiles should be directed to Inna Moore, GIS Specialist, at (843) 727-7126 or

    Fees for connecting to CWS water and/or sewer are governed by the CWS Water and Wastewater Policy Manual, including penalties for unauthorized connections.


    The data requested herein is taken from third party drawings and resources. Charleston Water System does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and/or the completeness of the information.

    Charleston Water System acquires, develops, maintains and uses GIS datasets in support of its internal business functions and public services. All GIS datasets are provided as is with no warranty.

    It is your responsibility to verify all information derived from the GIS data before making decisions or taking action based on any GIS data.

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