Ashley River Waterline

About this Project

This page updated 1/26/18:

We are finalizing construction of a new waterline that stretches from North Charleston to West Ashley. The project began in December of 2016. Our contractor, R.H. Moore, began in the Fort Bull area in West Ashley and continued up Ashley River Road—just shy of the Shadowmoss community. From there, the waterline turns toward the Ashley River, where we used directional drilling technology to place 4,800' of 36" waterline underneath the river. On the North Charleston side of the Ashley, construction continues as we connect the new waterline with existing waterlines near the corner of Dorchester Road and West Montague Avenue.

The new waterline is 36 inches in diameter. In all, we will construct approximately 2.8 miles of new waterline to connect to our existing infrastructure. The project will cost approximately $15 million, which is $500,000 under our original budget.

Why are we building a new waterline?

Our new waterline will replace a 24-inch waterline that was abandoned nearly a decade ago due to persistent leaks. The new 36-inch waterline will be the third connection across or under the Ashley River. We plan for the future to make sure we have redundant systems in place for a variety of reasons, and this new waterline will meet those needs.

Once completed, the new Ashley River waterline will enhance fire protection for the areas it serves and help meet demand at peak usage times. The new waterline will also help meet demand related to growth.

Work is expected to be complete by March, 2018.

What can the community expect during the project?

Our contractor has worked very hard to minimize disruptions during the project. However, there may still be times where you will temporarily lose water. Our contractor or our staff will notify customers beforehand.

You will still notice construction equipment, silt fencing, grading and landscaping activity in the area. Please stay away from the construction area, and use caution when traveling around the work zone.

During the project, crews will be sure to minimize any disruption to the natural environment and wildlife. After the project, we will repair any open cut areas and re-seed the grass.

Ashley Project Map