Hanover Street, Line Street, and South Street Water Main Replacement

(June 2017): Charleston Water is replacing the waterlines on Hanover Street, Line Street, and South Street in your community with modern materials.

During this project, we will be replacing any lead service lines that are encountered (the line that goes from the water main to your meter). Lead service lines are common in many older water systems, and Charleston Water takes steps to during the water treatment process to proactively protect you from lead contamination. During the project, we are offering free lead tests to those affected by the lead service line replacement.

We will deliver a test to your home, pick it up, and test it at our certified lab. Afterwards, we will notify you of the results.

For more information about lead and the steps CWS takes to protect you, our lead page.

We anticipate the project will be completed in the spring of 2018.

Working in older communities often causes construction delays due to traffic
patterns, unknown underground utilities, and other variables.

We appreciate the community’s patience as we work to improve infrastructure in your neighborhood.

1626-0002 Hanover, Line, and South Streets Water Main Replacement MAP

Information about Lead Service Lines and the Project.


The project involves replacing CWS-owned service lines that are made of lead. A service line is the pipe that connects the water main to your home or business. CWS owns the service line from the water main to your meter. The remaining segment from your meter to your home or business is part of the property owner’s plumbing.  

In the older parts of our system, lead service lines still connect the water main to the meter. CWS discontinued the use of lead service lines in the 1930s, and our crews remove all CWS-owned lead service lines they find during a construction project and replace them with modern materials.  

If we remove one of these service lines at your home or business, we will notify you and give you detailed flushing instructions as a precaution. We are also offering testing before and after removal of the lead service line.  

For more information on lead and how we protect you and flushing instructions visit our lead page.  

How we protect against lead in drinking water


We are committed to providing high quality drinking water, and our water quality exceeds all regulatory requirements. There is no lead in the water supplied by CWS. 

We use proven corrosion control measures during the water treatment process to protect you against any lead that may be in your plumbing or our service line. More information is available at our lead page, too.  

We use effective methods to protect you against lead exposure. However, removal of lead service lines has the potential to temporarily disturb the corrosion protection inside your pipes, which is why we are testing the water and asking you to flush as a precaution.