Customer Service Forms

Open or Close an Account
Submit a request to start or stop service at an existing home or business.

Document Requests
Request documentation about your account, including a Paid in Full letter, Responsibility Date letter, or Letter of Credit.

Auto Draft Request Form

Sign up for Auto Draft to have each month's payment automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date.

Application for Service
Use this form to request a new water connection, irrigation meter, or sewer connection.

Fastrack Request Form for Property Managers
We offer property managers the option to maintain water service in between tenants for up to 28 days of service with less then 4 Ccf (2,992 gallons) of water usage for a flat rate fee. Use this form to easily submit turn-on and shut-off requests for rental properties in between tenants.

Leak Adjustment Request
Leak adjustments are given for sewer charges only on qualifying leaks where proof of repair is provided. Toilet leaks do not qualify. Customers are eligible for one leak adjustment every three years.

Operation Round-Up Enrollment
Our Operation Round-Up program gives you the opportunity to support water-related charitable causes through your monthly water bill. When you sign up, we'll round up your water bill to the nearest dollar and donate the round-up amount to the Good Neighbor Program or Water Mission.