Getting Service

To start or stop water/sewer service, submit a request online, call us, or stop by one of our office locations. 
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Property Managers - Request Temporary Service
Use this form to request turn-on or shut-off of temporary service to a rental property in between tenants.

Irrigation Accounts
For information about installing an irrigation meter for outdoor watering, click here.

Establish Service for New Construction
To request installation of a water meter or sewer connection for a newly built home or business, please complete the Application for Service form.

Service Availability
If you're an engineer or developer interested in availability of water or sewer service for a property, click here.

Service Line Protection from HomeServe
Did you know you're responsible for the water service line between your home and our water meter? Service line leaks and breaks can be costly and time consuming to repair. Get peace of mind with Service Line Protection from HomeServe.  
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