Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Aerial of Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

About the Sewer System

Wastewater from homes and businesses travels through more than 800 miles of sewer lines to get to our Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater contains pollutants and microorganisms that are harmful to humans and wildlife, and the treatment process protects human health and the environment. Plum Island uses primary and secondary treatment methods to remove pollutants before releasing the cleaned water back into the Charleston Harbor.

Our Wastewater Collection department operates and maintains the sewer system, which includes cleaning manholes, conducting smoke and dye testing to reduce infiltration and inflow, and other corrective and preventive maintenance.

Annual Wastewater Quality Report

Our annual wastewater quality report is published in February of each year. View the latest report here.

Plum Island Video Tour: