Posted on: February 23, 2017

Charleston Water System begins waterline rehabilitation project

Charleston Water System will begin the second phase of waterline rehabilitation projects in Downtown Charleston next week. Affected streets include King Street and connecting roads, including Ashley, Magnolia, N. Enston, Laurel, Francis, Cleveland, Maple, Poplar and San Souci Streets (see attached map). While structurally sound, mineral accumulation inside the pipes has reduced their capacity and reliability over time. The project will enhance reliability and fire protection in the area. In total, the project will rehabilitate approximately 2.5 miles of water mains and cost $2.4 million.

Charleston Water System’s contractor will use trenchless technology to rehabilitate the water mains. Crews will scour the pipe interior and apply a protective lining. Lining the existing pipes is less disruptive and more cost effective than laying new pipe.

During the work, affected customers will receive water service through a temporary above-ground bypass system, and brief planned outages will be necessary. Customers will be notified of the planned outages.

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