Land for Sale in North Charleston, SC - 475-B

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Hanahan Road / Highlands Road and Brandt Street, 11.6 acres - $200,000 per acre 
Approximate Coordinates: 32*55’03,35”N  80*01’25,87”W
TMS#: 4751200089 (to be subdivided) 

Land for sale - 475 A and B - aerial photo

The Commissioners of Public Works of the City of Charleston (dba) Charleston Water System (CWS) is seeking Proposals for the sale of up to 15 acres on land that it will subdivide at the corner of Rivers Avenue and Hanahan Road.

This Public Registration or Expression of Interest will allow CWS to control the future use or development of the land. Potential purchasers will be required to provide details of design concept or make a commitment to enter into an agreement to develop the land in accordance with terms established by CWS and other interested parties. 

Potential purchasers may also be required to provide details of their ability to perform and of their history of achievements. CWS will require a 50-foot buffer between any planned development and residential neighborhood to the south in addition to restrictions imposed by state and local governments. 

The Board of Commissioners of CWS shall approve any and all public surplus land sales. The Board reserves the right to increase the size of the land included in this offer if residual land becomes available from the sale of offer # 475-A.

Commissioners of Public Works of the City of Charleston

Purchase Price
$200,000 per acre

Earnest Money
Upon Execution of purchase agreement, Purchaser shall deposit earnest money in the amount of one percent (1%) of the sales price. 

Inspection Period
Purchaser shall have a period of ninety (90) days after the execution date of the purchase contract to receive, review and inspect all aspects of the property to Purchaser’s sole satisfaction at Purchaser’s sole expense. If Purchaser notifies Seller at Purchaser’s sole discretion that Purchaser does not wish to proceed with the closing, then all earnest money and interest accrued thereof (if any) shall be refunded to Purchaser immediately.

Currently zoned R-1 Residential. The Owner is applying for B-2 zoning for this property. The purchase of this property shall be contingent upon the rezoning if required to support proposed use, if applicable.   

Seller shall deliver to Purchaser good, marketable, and insurable title to the Property at closing evidenced by means of a limited warranty deed, without liens, claims, encumbrances or other liabilities except for the permitted exceptions. 

Seller shall pay South Carolina transfer tax and its attorney fees, and Purchaser shall pay for all inspections, title policy, survey, it’s attorney fees and other normal closing costs. 

The Contract shall embody the terms of this offer and be acceptable to Purchaser and Seller acting in good faith and reasonably. Purchaser shall deliver to Seller a draft of the Contract within Thirty (30) business days from the final execution of a Letter of Intent and both Purchaser and Seller will work diligently towards execution of the Contract.  


Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining financing. 

Brokerage Purchaser and Seller shall represent and warrant to the other that no real estate brokerage commission is payable to any person or entity in connection with the transaction.  

Owner Supplied Documents
The following documents will be produced and made available by the estimated dates below by the Owner:

Phase I ESA
(PDF: 13MB)
Preliminary Geotechnical Exploration
(PDF: 2 MB)
Grand Tree and Topographic Survey
PDF (600 KB)
AutoCAD (2MB)
Cultural Resources Identification Study
  Updated 3/10/16 with final report
(PDF: 3MB)
Protected Species Assessment
Download Draft
(PDF: 4MB)
Wetland Delineation and Jurisdictional Determination
(PDF: 2MB)
Title Opinion


IMPORTANT: Please download and complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) and submit to the address below by 2:00 PM, April 11, 2016. EOIs received after the designated date will not be considered. 

The property is being offered “AS IS” and for $200,000 per acre with a minimum of eleven-and-one-half (11.5) acres up to sixteen-and-one-half (16.5) at the Owner's discretion. No offers where the Commission nets less than $200,000 per acre will be considered.  

The award of sale will be determined solely by the Commissioners based on several factors, including but not limited to the project’s feasibility and compatibility with the neighboring community.  

All inquiries shall be addressed to the following contact only:      

Frank Crawford 
Director of Operations Support
Charleston Water System
103 St. Philip St
Charleston, SC 29403

Site Survey
The site survey is representative and is not to be relied on. Offer #475-B includes approximately 11.6 acres shown as Residual Parcel 2 but may be expanded at the sole discretion of the Commission by adding up to 5 acres from New Parcel 1A. Click the links below to view the survey (PDF or AutoCAD).

Site Survey - PDF
Site Survey - AutoCAD

The Easements for the water mains will be removed when the water mains are relocated by the Owner in 2016. The first image below shows the existing location of the water mains. The second image shows the location of the water mains after relocation by the Owner. 

Download Overall Site Plan showing water main relocation (PDF)

Land for sale - 475 A and B - location of existing water mains
Location of existing water mains.

Land for sale - 475 A and B - water main relocation
Location of water mains after relocation by the Owner in 2016. 

TMS # 4751200089

Land for sale - 475 A and B