New Service Only Projects

If you are a developer or engineer seeking water or sewer service for a new development project, this page provides an overview of our process and requirements.

The New Development Group in our Engineering Department is responsible for assisting developers with projects in our water and sewer service areas. This includes water/sewer service availability determination, technical reviews, construction permitting, impact fee assessment, and encroachment permitting. We also provide system map information for new projects and perform hydrostatic flow tests.

General Requirements
Developers, their engineers and contractors are responsible for meeting our Minimum Standards and following established Developer Policies and Procedures for payment of fees and project submittals.

Approval Process for New Service Only Projects
Below is an overview of the process for new development projects that involve a new water and/or sewer service connection, including dedicated fire services.

Service Availability and Fee Determination
Technical Review and Permitting
  • Once plans are submitted, they are routed to the appropriate CWS department (Water Distribution and/or Wastewater Collection) for technical review. The department will respond via email with comments directly to the Developer’s Engineer.
  • Revised plans are resubmitted directly to the responsible department for approval.
  • Encroachment Permit Applications is submitted to the Engineering Assistant, who is responsible for all service-only encroachment permits. (Encroachment permits for two-inch and smaller meters are handled by CWS staff.)
  • The developer submits an Application for Service and pays applicable fees.
  • The Water Distribution and/or Wastewater Collection Department issues plans stamped for approval.
  • If a fire hydrant installation is required, the Water Distribution Department will charge a $500 engineering fee and require additional documentation.
  • Construction can be scheduled. The appropriate department will inspect accordingly.
Backflow Requirements
Some projects may require installation of a backflow prevention assembly prior to service activation. Learn more about our backflow requirements.