Water/Sewer Main Extensions

If you are a developer or engineer seeking water or sewer service for a new development project, this page provides an overview of our process and requirements.

The New Development Group in our Engineering Department is responsible for assisting developers with projects in our water and sewer service areas. This includes water/sewer service availability determination, technical reviews, construction permitting, impact fee assessment, and encroachment permitting. We also provide system map information for new projects and perform hydrostatic flow tests.

General Requirements
Developers, their engineers and contractors are responsible for meeting our Minimum Standards and following established Developer Policies and Procedures for payment of fees and project submittals.

Approval Process for Main Extension Projects
Below is an overview of our approval process for new development projects that involve water and/or sewer main extensions:

Service Availability and Fee Determination
Technical Review & Permit Applications
  • Once CWS receives the fee deposit, plans designed in accordance with our Minimum Standards, and calculations, the technical review begins by an assigned Engineering Assistant. This process typically takes three weeks.
  • CWS will send a comment letter to the Developer and Developer’s Engineer with plan revisions.
  • Once the plans are approved, CWS will request the SCDHEC permit application and package, along with the remaining impact fees and any required encroachment permit applications.
  • When the application package is received, CWS prepares and sends out the Development Agreement. This is a standard agreement that addresses fees and project close-out requirements. It is required for all water/sewer main construction projects.
  • SCDHEC issues Construction Permit (generally within two weeks) and Encroachment Permit is issued (timeline varies depending on which agency is issuing the permit).
  • New Development issues stamped plans to the Developer’s Engineer, Approved Contractor, and the CWS Construction Inspector.
  • At this point, the project becomes the responsibility of the Construction Department. A construction inspector will be assigned to the project.
  • Once the new system is constructed, inspected, and tested, close-out procedures will begin.
Project Close-Out
At the close of construction, SCDHEC will issue its final Permit to Operate the newly installed system. Charleston Water will accept Applications for Service and final Tap Fees as outlined in the original Fee Determination Sheet.

Backflow Requirements
Some projects may require installation of a backflow prevention assembly prior to service activation. Learn more about our backflow requirements.