1. Payment Options

    View where and how to pay various water system bills.

  2. How to Calculate Your Water Bill

    Information about how your bill is calculated and where to find information on your bill.

  3. How to Calculate Your Sewer Bill

    Step-by-step instructions on how your sewer bill is calculated.

  4. About Your Water Meter

    Discover about water-filled meters, how to read a meter, and automated meter reading.

  5. Bill FAQs

    Browse through frequently asked questions about bills and billing.

  6. High Bills & Leaks

    Find out if heavy water usage or leaks are causing a high water bill.

  7. Operation Round-Up

    Learn how you can give the gift of clean water both locally and worldwide.

  8. Value of Water

    As a public utility fully funded by water and sewer rates and fees, find out where your bill payment goes.